Been Awhile…

Just a quick update. I fully intended on having far more posts at this time than I do. Full disclosure, posting has been the last thing on my list, but I’m working on getting back into some semblance of a groove.

My wife and I recently moved to sunny San Diego, California. Although we’ve been dreaming of living here, the move came abruptly and felt somewhat spontaneous. We both needed to start a new chapter and move somewhere that we could be more successful. Our lives have been in a bit of upheaval since October between travelling here for a much needed break after months of isolation. Our quick trip turned into a longer trip that turned into moving plans, and before I knew it, we were starting 2021…

The positive is that San Diego is giving me a new lease on life. I’m healing here. My body is recovering better from my car accident, and a lot of my disabilities are almost non-existent here. Not to mention, being a California local makes travelling and experiencing California tourism a lot easier (and cheaper)! I’m looking forward to having more adventures and experiences to write about soon. Everything here seems to be falling in place, we were worried about jobs and rent and increased living expenses, but the transition has been seamless so far, and we are so grateful.

So here’s to a new year, in a new city. And, hopefully, a lot more blog posts. I’ve had a lot of thoughts, experiences, and shifts in the way that I see the world, and I’m excited to share them.


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